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FAQ - Live

1. What if my kids friend falls and breaks his leg in my house, am I responsible?

You could be! This is a legal situation of care and custody and you may be held personally liable for what happened! 

New India Assurance offers a bundle insurance called Smart Economy Kas which is extended to include your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or your family members cause to other people.

2. What is the difference between Life insurance and Personal Accident insurance?

Life insurance is basic coverage that pays out if you die within a specific time period — regardless of the cause of death.

Personal Accident pays out only for death or disability due to an accident. For example, if you die from a heart attack or cancer, there’s no payout. In case of a permanent disability the policy generally pays out only part of the benefit depending on the nature of the disability. The exact payouts will be listed in your policy.

3. I just inherited jewelry, how can I insure it?

First is to get the items appraised. Their value can be different than when your departed relative first bought them and it is important to determine the monetary value of the pieces.

Consider New India's All Risks Jewelry and Valuable insurance. This insurance will compensate you for the jewelry’s financial value if the item is lost or stolen

4. I am renting my apartment, do I need insurance?

Yes! Even though your landlord says he has insurance we recommend you to sign up for a Household Content insurance to cover the expenses in case of a fire or burglary.

The premium depends of the value of the contents which means that you need to declare the valuables. If you have jewelry or antiques we require you to have them appraised by a professional.