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FAQ - Drive

1. Do you insure motorcycles?

Yes we insure motorcycles but only Third Party risks.

2. How much will my car insurance premium be?

Your car insurance premium will depend on a few factors:

  • The type of the car; we will look at the use of the car- private or commercial.  
  • The cars manufacture year and its catalogue value; older cars are less fit on the road and expensive cars can be even more expensive to repair.
  • And number of years which you have driven accident free.
  • But also what cover you choose

To get a “No Claim”- discount you need an original no-claim letter of your previous insurance company.

3. What does a Third Party Insurance include?

A Third Party is the most basic cover you can have for your car and this is required by Curacao law (L.A.M.).

The primary reason why this is mandatory is to cover physical damage to a third party's vehicle, property or bodily injury in a traffic accident where you are at fault.

So that means that other parties involved in the accident are covered, not your own car or passengers!

We always recommend our customers to upgrade to a more complete cover for their safety.

4. What does "total loss" mean?

Sometimes, after an accident the car is damaged beyond repair. In other words, it's a "total loss".
New India considers a vehicle a "total loss" when:

- The damage of the vehicle is so severe that it can't be repaired safely;
- The repairs of the vehicle exceeds 75% of the day value of the vehicle itself; 

We will then reimburse the customer the day value of the vehicle minus the wreck value.

If you have a factory new vehicle you can insure the full value up to 3 years, without depreciation in claims.
Call our office for more information! 


5. Who decides how much I will be compensated for my car?

Every claims situation is different and sometimes hard to evaluate!
To give our customers the best service we are therefore relying on our external Experts to evaluate the situation and report the value of the loss and how much should be reimbursed to the customer.

The external Expert is not associated to the insurance company and are professionals in their field.
They do the inspections, calculate the Day value/Wreck value and assists us with providing the amount that needs to be paid out to the customer.

They also assist in deciding who is at fault when needed! 


6. I was in an accident, who decides who is at fault?

Sometimes it can be hard to know who is at fault in an accident. 
Therefore, the insurance companies involved studies the case and the laws and decides between them who is at fault. 

In difficult cases experts are called in as consultants to assist in the final decision.
Sometimes both parties can be at fault and the reimbursement will be accordingly.