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FAQ - Buy

1. What does a good property insurance need to include?

Homeowners insurance or Property Insurance usually covers damage caused by:

  • Fire or lightning, Explosions, Aircraft, Theft or vandalism, Falling objects, Riots, malicious damage and water damage due to burst pipes.

We recommend to extend your homeowners insurance to include natural disasters like windstorm earthquake & flood. To make it even better our Smart Economy Kas policy also includes personal liability, plate glass loss of rent and removal of debris at no extra cost.

2. Why do I need Property insurance for my mortgage?

Your mortgagor would like to protect his financial investment by keeping the house insured against unforeseen risks that may cripple your ability to repay the loan.

3. How can I lower the insurance premium on my house?

New India Assurance offers discounts for loss prevention measures like fire and burglar alarms.

We also take into account the quality and maintenance of the physical structure of your house like installing good quality electrical fixtures.

You may also be rewarded in the long run for a lower loss history.

4. What if my building is under construction? Can I insure myself if something goes wrong?

 Yes you can insure your house while the building is under construction by taking our Construction All Risks policy. This policy protects the structure against unforeseen accidental damage. The policy can also be extended to include third party liability.