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Claims process - Property

Home (fire, break-in, storm/ water damage etc)

  1. Please call the Police if there is a break in.
  2. Please call the Fire brigade if there is a fire.
  3. In case of water damage due to a burst pipe or an electrical fire please shut off the main supplies to prevent further damage and take all steps to minimize the loss.
  4. Report the incident to our office by phone or in person as soon as possible. You can also send us a written notice of loss by e-mail: [email protected]. We always recommend you to come in person as there might be further explanations that need to be given. 
  5. Please take your own pictures of the scene.
  6. Please prepare a list of lost, damaged or destroyed items and check for structural damage to any parts of the buildings and surrounding walls, ceilings, roof and tiles, electrical & septic systems.
  7. We will then control your policy for coverage and arrange a loss adjuster’s visit. If necessary someone from our office may also visit the site.  
  8. At our office, we will help you fill out the claims form and answer all questions you might have!
  9. Please keep all evidence/proof of loss, until the claims adjuster has inspected the affected property. So don’t throw anything away even if you have pictures of it!
  10. Keep a record of all paperwork, expenses, transportation and storage of the claim.
  11. Please provide the loss adjuster the documents requested for him to proceed. This will ensure faster claims settlement as he plays a very important role of the settlement process.
  12. The loss adjuster will prepare a report recommending an amount to be paid for the claim and New India Assurance will settle your claim based on the loss adjusters report and recommendations.