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Claims process - Liability

In case of a legal liability claim, please proceed as follows to ensure that we can start handling the claim as soon as possible. 

What is very important is to NOT admit any liability without consulting our claims department first!

  1. Notify the loss or damage to our office immediately. Either come by in person or send us a written notice of loss by e-mail.
  2. To be able to register the claim we would need the following information:

    - Date and place of loss
    - Name of the claimant
    - Type and amount of the loss
    - Description of what has happened
  3. If relevant, please also provide the written claim presented against you or your company, clarification, information about your legal position with the claimant or other documents that would be relevant for the claims procedure.
  4. If needed our office will get an experts opinion on the case and the nature of the liability.
  5. If the claim is admitted you may be required to pay the deductible specified on the policy.
  6. New India Assurance will settle the claim based on the reports and recommendations received in the case. If there is any dispute it is advised for the customer to provide our office with a contra expertise to prove the case.