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Advice - Work

1. Insure yourself for the cost of business interruption!

Our Business Interruption insurance (also known as loss of profits insurance) covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a material damage occurs and which is covered under your commercial property policy.

The loss of income is determined by your net profit plus fixed costs you will incur during a preselected period of indemnity.

2. Keep yourself protected against liability from third parties!

Accidents can happen with customers when they are at your premises. Being held liable for material damage and/or physical injury caused to third parties can have a considerable financial impact.

Our Public Liability insurance policy protects you against damages, medical expenses and attorney fees for which you are legally responsible in the event of a claim from a third party.

3. Can I insure my money?

Yes! Well, at least when you are moving it from one site to another. With our Money in Transit policy insures you against loss of money by robbery, theft or other incidents that counts as illegal.

If you have money in safe, this plicy can be extended to cover this as well!