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Advice - Live

1. Alarm lowers the risk and the premium!

The safer you are, the lower the risk. The lower the risk, the lower insurance premium! The way insurance companies think about premiums is that if there is a lower chance that you may need to take it out, the less you need to pay for it! So save money by doing what’s in your power to keep you and your belongings safe!

2. Your landlord will only take care of himself!

Some people mistakenly assume that a landlord’s home insurance policy includes coverage for your personal belongings. In most cases, this is not true! Chances are, your landlord policy does not cover your personal possessions. So be sure and invest in household contents insurance yourself!

3. What if my son broke my neighbors’ window when playing football?

Please have your homeowners insurance extended with personal liability insurance. Our Smart Economy policy package offers free personal liability insurance. This insurance will keep you covered if you as parents of your minor children are sued for their omissions. This policy is also extended to include liability arising from your domestic pets.

4. You might be underinsured!

This means that when getting your insurance, the cover is for what you at that moment stated you owned. Whenever you buy more valuables or furniture or ever renovate your house, the reconstruction value of what you own goes up but your insurance that you signed earlier only covers what you owned at the time when signing it!

This means that you are underinsured and need to contact your insurance company to update your insurance!