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Advice - General

1. Always have a first aid kit in your car!

You never know when you will be in an accident or how long time the ambulance will take to reach you. We therefore recommend you to have a First Aid kit in the car to either help yourself or someone else in need. At the islands Boticas you can either buy an already made kit or ask them to put one together for you!

2. Register you emergency contacts in your phone!

Worst case scenario: You have been in an accident and are non-responsive, the medical team needs to get in contact with your family to not only inform them about the situation but also get your medical information. Having your emergency contacts registered in your phone can therefore be life saving!

3. You might already have travel insurance!

Paid you ticket with your MasterCard?
Then you might already have a basic Travel Insurance! Contact your bank for their Terms & Conditions and see what exactly is included!

4. Keep backups of all important documents!

This might already have happened to you, your hard drive crashes and all your important documents are gone! Or you lose all your original documents in a fire. We always recommend our customers to keep backup copies on a different location in case of theft or fire!