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Advice - Drive

1. Driving safe pays off!

If you have gone more than 1 year without causing an accident you will get a no-claim discount and every year this gets to be more. But remember, to get the no-claim discount you’ll need an original no-claim letter of your previous insurance company. So request it as soon as you cancel your previous insurance as it may take a few days to receive it!

At New India Assurance we also have an accident forgiveness policy. So if you have driven without an accident for more than 6 years and you have an accident, we won’t lower your No Claim discount! Only the accident after that will have an effect on the discount. 

2. Keep your passengers safe!

It is important to drive safely, not only for yourself but for the passengers in your car. In all our insurances you can decide to add an “passenger insurance” that in case of harm, this will be covered by the insurance!

Beside of that, we believe that being alert, following the traffic rules and NOT drinking and driving will do a big difference!

3. A thief crashed my car!

If your vehicle is stolen, your insurance company will pay for any damage or injury the thief causes as Third Party liability or depending on the cover signed.

However, if your vehicle is stolen by someone you know, such as a friend or family member, the insurance company may require you to prove that the vehicle was stolen and not simply taken without your permission. If you do not report the vehicle as stolen or do not do so until after you know about the accident, you may not receive insurance company compensation. The right to compensation may also be depend on the local laws.    

4. Roadside Service will help you in need!

Imagine, you are rushing to work and you get a flat tire. You are standing in your nice clothes on the way to a meeting and this is not the time to get dirty. Wouldn’t you wish for some quick help?
If you are comprehensively insured with us, you can always call our Roadside Service and the assistance is free of cost!

Our Road Service helps our customers with:

- Car towing
- Transportation of stranded passengers involved in an accident
- Locksmith service when locked in or out your car
- Flat tire assistance
- Fuel delivery when ran out of fuel (you will pay for the fuel though)
- Battery charging
- Vehicle extrication when your car goes off the road or into the water.

5. Here is how to avoid a fine with tinted windows

Use the rules for your light transmittance standard.

The front windscreen and the front side-windows must let at least 70% of light through and for the rear windshield and the back side-windows is the limit 0%. That means it can be totally black, if the car is equipped with the proper exterior mirrors!

The police have a tolerance of 3%, if the measurement shows a lower result than 67%, you are violating the law.