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Advice - Buy

1. Don’t drown in troubles!

Did you know that New India Assurances Smart Economy Kas policy covers storm and hurricane flooding? And that our customers were the first ones to get paid for their water damages after Hurricane Thomas in 2010?
Stop worrying and sign up today for a complete cover for your property!

2. Bundle your insurances together for better safety and premium!

We offer bundled products with premium savings for example your personal liability can be added to your property insurance. You can also insure loss of rent, plate glass, removal of debris under the same policy. Keeping all your insurances with the same insurer might not only save you time but also money!

3. Keep your home insurance even after paying off your mortgage!

Once you have paid your mortgage your house is your largest asset. You may not have the money any more to reconstruct your house if it burns down in a fire. It's always wisest to maintain your homeowners insurance for financial protection.