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What to think about when buying a second hand car

Thinking about buying a used car? It is at first thought the cheaper option when buying a car but it could also be a very costly purchase if you buy the wrong one!

Therefore, we want to give you some tips on what to think about when buying a second hand car:

Do Your Research

  • First of all, there are bargains to be made when buying a car but at the same time, be aware that a deal that is “too good to be true” could probably be just that!
  • In general, avoid cars that have major issues when hitting the 100K.
  • When you have a look at the car, don’t do it in poor light, in rain or at night because you won't be able to check the condition.
  • You should always the insurance costs for that particular car before buying. This can save you money in the long run if you
  • Consider the fuel usage of the car. You can do a quick calculation of how much you will have to spend on fuel/month. Is this too much for your budget?

A Good Checkup

  • Check out the basics so the horn, lights, seats, air conditioning, brakes, seat belts, and steering to make sure these all in good state and working properly.
  • We always recommend having a trusted mechanic to go over the car. He can alert you to any potential problems or future updates that might cost you money.
  • Look for any signs that indicate that the car has been in a major accident or if it is an imported “fix up”. A good mechanic can usually spot these signs. This can explain a low prices as a car like this is not worth as much.
  • Always look for any evidence of tampering, like marks on the odometer or numbers that don’t line up or are off. Also check if the odometer miles are more than mileage entered on oil stickers, inspection stickers, or tire warranty cards!
  • Check the tires! The car should have the original tires if the odometer reads less than 25,000 miles. But most important is to check if the tire tread is very worn, because buying new tires can be costly!
  • Make sure to get your No-Claim bonus when signing up for a new insurance!
    At New India Assurance we offer you up to a 70% No Claim- bonus on all our motor insurances, other benefits include accident forgiveness and no car age loading! Which means driving an older car is cheaper!