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Want to buy a Right Hand Drive car? 10 things to consider before you buy!

Right Hand Drive cars can seem cool but with safety in mind, they are not a good purchase. 

Our roads and traffic is designed with LHD vehicles in mind, which means visibility can become a serious safety issue. Why? Because the roadways are designed to put the driver on the inside of the road that gives the driver the best ability to see oncoming traffic and with a RHD car on Curacao you will be placed wrong as a driver!

Here are 10 reasons why you should not buy a Right Hand Drive car on Curacao:

  1. Left-hand turns: If there are cars turning left from the opposite direction, it will be difficult to see around them to ensure the road is clear before making your turn.
  2. T-junctions: Your visibility across the junction isn't as good- cross traffic is coming from a sharper angle. It can be helpful to set the passenger seat slightly behind the driver's, so you're not trying to look through the passenger's head.
  3. Overtaking: Especially on a one-lane road is not only terrifying but also dangerous as you will have a hard time seeing incoming traffic and when to overtake.
  4. Shifting gear with the wrong hand: You would need to learn to master how to shift gear with your left hand, this is hard as the shift pattern is not reversed from the left hand drive layout.
  5. Passenger safety: Your front seat passenger will be placed on the most dangerous spot closes to the incoming traffic plus, he would have to exit your car on the traffic side when parked at the curb.
  6. Rules and regulations: As it is not the standard side for your country you never know when the rules and regulations might change!
  7. Grabbing tickets from an automated parking garage gate can be a challenge. You have to crawl through the car, pull the ticket out and scramble back before the gate closes on you.
  8. Drive-thru: Grabbing a quick bite can be hard if you are going in the drive-thru , especially when you have a lower car.
  9. Parts: Some parts for RHD vehicles may be difficult to find specially locally may have to be ordered it directly from the manufacturer in the country in which the vehicle was manufactured which will cost you more.
  10. Resell value: When you live in a country that has a standard Left Hand Drive, selling your RHD car might not be that easy, or you might not get the price you are asking! So you might need to settle for a lower price as the demand is not that high.

If you in the end decide to finally buy a RHD car, we at New India Assurance can insure your car while being shipped and have the new motor insurance ready when it arrives!