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Is your family safe while driving?

Did you know that in the basic Third Party cover, a Passenger insurance is not included!?

Many drivers mistakenly think that bodily injury coverage in a policy will cover passengers in their own
vehicle BUT it only covers passengers in the other car when an accident happens.

Here are 5 useful tips to make sure your children are safe during the car ride:

  1. Car seats- Don't be alarmed BUT most car seats are used or installed wrong! The most common is using the wrong seat for the child’s age and weight, too loose safety belt (attachment to the car seat) or too loose harness straps on the child. Make sure the seat fits your child and that it's safely secured in the car.
  2. Booster seat- A seat belt is designed for people who are a minimum height of 145 cm. When a child has outgrown the car seat but is still not 145cm high, you need a booster seat. Make sure to us it as this makes your child high enough so that the seat belt can be used in a safe way!
  3. Safest place- The middle position in the back seat is considered the safest place for a car seat because it is the farthest away from doors and windows that may be impacted in a crash.
  4. Front seat- No child under the age of 13 should sit in the front seat. Passenger air bags inflate with such force that they can cause severe head and neck injuries to a child. Keep your young children in the back, well secured with a seat belt!

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