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Here is how to avoid a fine with your tinted windows!

Do you have tinted windows on your car or are you considering it?
Want to know what is allowed and how can you avoid a fine?

Here is everything you should know about tinted windows. Keep these things in mind and you will certainly avoid that traffic fine!

The reason why there is a restriction on tinted windows is because their effect on safety. The driver has less view by night, it is harder to make eye contact with other drivers and it is more difficult to estimate the distance.

Light transmittance standard
The front windscreen and the front side-windows must let at least 70% of light through and for the rear windshield and the back side-windows is the limit 0%. That means it can be totally black, if the car is equipped with the proper exterior mirrors!

The police have a tolerance of 3%, if the measurement shows a lower result than 67%, you violating the law.

The traffic fine
If your windscreen or front side windows are not following the rules, this is what could happen:

  • You will not be allowed to use your car until the extra tint has been removed
  • You will receive a fine of around ANG 75-100
  • You can be taken to court based on the violation

Based on medical reasons you can apply for an exemption. This exemption is given by the Minister of the VVRP. The exemption has a duration of one year so after expiring you must apply once again.

The police are controlling if you as a driver are wearing your seatbelt, not using your phone or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.

All this is for your own safety! But this can of course not be seen properly through a too dark tinted window, thereof the law.

Reflective material
Don’t use reflective material (mirror overlay) for your tinted windows!
This is also a violation of the law and will have the same consequences.

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