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Driving on Curacao? Here are the points you should know!

Even thou you might have been driving on Curacao for a longer time, maybe some rules and facts have been forgotten or overlooked?
Rules change over time and its time to refresh your traffic knowledge with these 6 useful facts:

  1. Right Hand Drive cars
    At the moment, it is still allowed to drive RHD cars on Curacao. The disadvantage of right hand drive cars is that you have less overview and are not suited the left hand roads. At the moment, the government researching are a bigger risk and cause more accidents than the regular left hand drive cars. Pending their decision, imports of right hand drive cars will be banned and they will not be allowed on the roads. As the law still allows RHD cars on the roads, insurance companies are still insuring the vehicles but sometimes to a higher charge based on the higher risk.
  2. Speed
    Speed in town is usually 40 or 60 km/h. On open roads, the limit is 80 km/h and this is indicated by
    traffic signs. At this moment the police is using regular mobile speed traps on roads to catch speeding
    drivers and based on that a fine will also be issued.
    Testing fixed speed camera has been started and might be in use soon so please stick to the speed limits
    to avoid future fines!
  3. Most common fines
    All occupants of a car driving on the road must wear a seatbelt on Curacao. If any of your passengers
    fails to follow this law the driver will be fined as the driver is responsible for their safety.
    Another common fine is for talking on the cellphone while driving and the driver must use a hands-free
    or such. If this requirement is not met you are breaking the law and will be fined.
  4. Tinted windows
    It is allowed to have tinted windows with as following:
    The front windscreen and the front side-windows must let at least 70% of light through and for the rear
    windshield and the back side-windows is the limit 0%. That means it can be totally black, if the car is
    equipped with the proper exterior mirrors!
    The police have a tolerance of 3%, if the measurement shows a lower result than 67%, you are violating
    the law and will be fined accordingly.
    If you are renting a car the company is responsible for following that law and the renter will not be fined
    but the company.
  5. Paying fines
    Curacao government has started a new procedure with collecting payments for the fines occurred on
    the island. All fines need to be paid by the time the person leaves the island and if this has not been
    done the person will not be allowed through customs. If by any reason you did not have the possibility
    to pay the fines before going to the airport, you can do this at the airport itself!

  6. Insurance
    Having a Third Party insurance is obligatory in Curacao and you must be able to prove it with a valid
    certificate. The Public Prosecutor will subscribe a big fine for driving without an insurance but worse, if
    you happen to be in an accident you can be taken to court and this will cost you!

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