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10 easy car maintenance tips to help prevent a breakdown

It is always in your best interest to keep your car well maintained and there are two ways to reduce the risk of your car breaking down.

The first, and most important, is to follow the service schedule that is standard for the car. Your handbook will tell you when a service is due and exactly what's needed.

The second way is to do your own easy car maintenance checks. Here is 10 things we recommend you to check:

  1. Lights: Check all your lights once a week! That includes indicators, reversing lights, brake lights and fog lights. Check for broken bulbs and cracks or dirt on the lenses.

  2. Tires: Every two weeks, check the tire pressure but also the condition, this includes the spare tire! Check for cuts or wear and make sure the tire dept is good enough.

  3. Engine oil: Every couple of weeks, check the oil levels and top up if needed. If you are doing this more than usual we would recommend you to take your car to a garage as there might be something wrong.

  4. Windscreen: A crack in the windshield can get bigger if you don’t repair it. So keep an eye out for stone damage and, if you spot any chips, get them repaired as soon as possible! Or in worst case replaced if the damage can't be repaired.

  5. Toolkit: Make sure to have at least a jack and wheel removing tools available in your car for emergencies!

  6. Water: Every week, while your engine's cold, check that your coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks. If needed top this up!

  7. Windscreen wipers: We recommend replacing your windscreen wipers once a year to prevent smearing and promote good vision when on the road.

  8. Windscreen wash: Keep it regularly topped up with a proper windscreen wash fluid, many people use only water but this doesn’t take away grease or cleans it properly and your view can therefore be compromised.

  9. Power steering: Always make sure your garage refills your hydraulic fluid when they service the car. If this is done you can is check its levels once a month and if necessary, you can top up with some more fluid to meet the requirements.

  10. Bodywork: Once in a while inspect the outside of your car to look for damage, or signs of rust. If this is detected early you can do something about it before it goes bad!

Having a Third Party motor insurance is mandatory by Curacao law but this only covers Third Party damage in an accident. We therefore recommend you to sign up for our Comprehensive motor insurance as this would cover own damage when in an accident! This way you can make sure that your car will be back to it’s original state if something would happen to it!