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Want to keep your money safe?

Read our tips on how to keep your money safe while in transport

When your company is dealing with a lot of cash deposits you want to keep that money safe and secure. You also want to feel comfortable when you bring that same money to the bank. In this article we give you tips on how to keep your money safe and also how you can insure your money against burglary or theft!

Don’t leave the money unattended
This seems pretty obvious, but lots of times people leave a sum of money in their car or in a bag lying around. For thieves this is the ideal opportunity to steal it, especially when the money is in sight. So always keep the money with you when transporting it. It is even better to go straight from your secured premises to the bank without any stops!  

Divide your cash
Never keep your money all at the same place! Depending on the amount of money, spread it over different secure spots in your company or house, or vehicle when transporting. This way there’s less chance all the money will be gone when being robbed. Of course most recommended is to keep your money in a safe, but be sure the save in is in a safe location and secured in the concrete floor or wall.

Don't draw attention to yourself
Carrying a lot of cash can be stressful and you might look stressed or suspicious. Just relax! Don't think about the amount you are carrying, just see it as a package that needs to get from point A to point B! 

Have your money insured!
Despite our tips to keep your money safe, unfortunate things can happen. In this case it’s sensible to have the Money insurance. This policy insures you against loss of money by robbery, theft or by the use of forceful and violent means during transit. You can extend that policy by insuring money secured in a locked save at your premises.

Using these tips you can avaoid many situations that could lead to robbery, and having a money insurance will assure you to be compensated IF something would happened. 

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