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What to do After a Hurricane

The storm has passed. What to do now?

  • Protect yourself. Stay inside until the storm has passed completely. Report serious damages like downed or fallen power lines if any. Keep electricity and gas turned off if the building has been flooded!
  • Protect your property. Arrange for reasonable temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage, this could mean boarding up windows, clear out water or salvaging undamaged items and documents.
  • Report the damage. If you have an insurance that covers natural disasters, then contact your insurance company as soon as you can after. Make sure to register your claim and provide a general description of the damage.
  • Prepare your list. Keep damaged items until the claim adjuster has visited and documented the damage. Consider photographing or videotaping the damage to help document your claim and keep a list of damaged or lost items available.
  • Cleanup. When starting the cleanup process, be careful and protect yourself! Use heavy boots, protective eyewear and gloves. Business owners are recommended not to do any cleanup themselves but to hire a professional cleaning service for their business.
  • Getting back to normal. When power returns to your home, do not start all major appliances at once. Turn them on gradually to reduce damage to sensitive equipment, but do not use electrical or gas appliances that have been wet because of the hazards of electric shock or fire.
  • Save place to stay. If you think your home might be unsafe due to storm damage, find a temporary accommodation until the damages has been accessed or fixed.