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Stress free moving tips from the pro!

A new home awaits you! The date is set in the calendar and you can’t wait to move in to your new home. You are excited about this new chapter of your life but moving can be stressful, especially when you realize how many things you actually have!

But don’t worry, we will help you to turn you packing panic into a day you might even enjoy! Here are 10 tips that will make moving a lot easier:

  1. Clear your schedule- It is tempting to make plans for a lunch or to have friends over for a drink, but moving always takes longer than you think! So make the only thing on the agenda for that day!
  2. Get free moving boxes from local stores- Approach stores and supermarkets for shipping boxes that are being thrown away. This is great opportunity to save some money but still stay organized!
  3. Label and sort- When labeling and sorting the content by room and importance you will have an easy task to later unpack!
  4. De-clutter while you pack- This is a great opportunity to clean out the things you never use or need. This will also reduce the packing and transport! Start selling these things off or spread the joy by donating them!
  5. Start packing as early as possible- Even though you will technically have a moving “day” the process of moving can start weeks before. Start packing anything that you don’t need as early as possible to reduce the work on the day itself.

    As you start early you will also be able to move the cable, phone and other contracts to the new location in time for the move!
  6. Take pictures of your electronics- You have probably a lot of cables that are going left and right to speakers and equipment. It can be hard remembering where everything goes so to make it easier for yourself and make pictures of the how cables are connected.
  7. Ask for help- Either ask friends and family to lend a helping hand (or car) when moving or hire a professional moving company that can handle you big inventory.
  8. Make the beds first- First things first: make sure it’s easy to make your bed. After a long day of moving you just want to jump in your bed to have that well deserved night of rest So make it easy for you to access and put you bed together
  9. Pack a moving day “survival kit”- Moving days can be chaotic and by the end of the day things are everywhere! To make the first night easier, pack a moving day survival kit of essentials. This should contain necessary items that will get you through the first night, such as toiletries, phone chargers, clothes etc. See it as an “overnight kit”!
  10. Schedule the cleaning for the day after- Everyone underestimates how long it takes to clear out a house and by the end of the day the stress can set in because it also needs to be cleaned! Instead of doing everything the same day, give yourself some extra time and schedule the cleaning for the morning after!
  11. Keep your valuables on a safe spot- While moving, make sure to keep your valuables like money, important documents and jewelry on a safe spot so it won’t get lost in the mess!
  12. Insure your valuables- Make sure that you have a Household Content insurance that keeps all you valuables insured before after the move!