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How to stay safe when a hurricane hits

Hurricane season has started we have gotten a small taste what is about to come! It could be a busy storm season and we would therefore like to make sure everyone is prepared for it!

Here you have tips on how to avoid damages and to stay safe when a hurricane hits:

  • CLEAN YOUR YARD: Trim trees that are close to your home and the utility wires. Secure and clear your yard of loose objects, fruit trees from their fruits and drains of debris. With the hard wind, it can seriously damage your home!
  • KEEP A STOCK OF PLASTIC BAGS AND SHEETS AVALIABLE: Plastic is essential to prevent important documents, electronics, equipment and furniture from getting wet if there is a leakage or flooding.
  • KEEP A STOCK: Keep dry and canned food at home that could be eaten without preparation. Have fresh water available, some extra gas in your car and a “powerbank” for you to keep your phone charged. Also have some cash available as ATMs and banks might be closed after the storm passes.
  • KEEP A FIRST AID KIT AVALIABLE: If you don’t have one already, buy one at the local botica or have them help you putting one together for you with necessary medicine.
  • STAY INSIDE AND AWAY FROM WINDOWS, SKYLIGHTS AND GLASS DOORS: Find a safe place in your home when the storm hits; an interior room, a closet or bathroom on the lower level will work. Also, do not go outside to see "what the wind feels like." It is easy to be hit by flying debris.
  • KEEP YOUR PETS INSIDE: It is in general dangerous outside so keep every member of your family inside with you. Also know what veterinarian is on call in case of an emergency.
  • PARK YOUR CAR ON A SAFE SPOT: Find a place where your car can be protected from flying and falling objects but also from eventual flooding.
    - Turn off the main switch to save your appliances from getting damaged.
    - Turn off water and gas lines to reduce the possibility of leakage.
    - When power returns to your home, do not start all major appliances at once.
    - Turn them on gradually to reduce damage to sensitive equipment.
    - Do not use electrical or gas appliances that have been wet, and do not turn on damaged appliances because of the hazards of electric shock or fire.
  • BEWARE OF LIGHTNING: Best is to not use your electrical appliances during the storm, only when necessary. It is also important to stay dry, so don’t take a shower during the storm with the risk of electrical shocks!
  • DO NOT USE CANDLES DURING THE STORM: They could cause a fire! Stick with battery operated flashlights and have backup batteries available.
  • CHECK YOUR INSURANCE: Make sure to check your policy before the hurricane hits to be sure your property is covered. If you have a basic insurance you probably need an upgrade as it is usually not included!

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