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How to save money on your property insurance!

The most basic version of property insurance is the Homeowners Insurance. It only covers the major damages that fire can cause so a lot of events are left out and can still damage your home without any compensation. 
So this way, the basic and inexpensive cover is not the most safe one for your home! A fuller and more complete cover is safer for your house, but, of course also more expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to save money!

Bundle your insurances together for better safety and premium
New India Assurance offers bundle products for premium savings! 
For example your personal liability can be added to your property insurance. You can also insure loss of rent, plate glass, removal of debris under the same policy.
Keeping all your insurances with the same insurer might not only save you time but also money!

Alarm lowers the risk and the premium
The safer you are, the lower the risk. The lower the risk, the lower insurance premium! The way insurance companies think about premiums is that if there is a lower chance that you may need to take it out, the less you need to pay for it!

New India Assurance offers discounts for so-called loss prevention measures like fire and burglar alarms.

Good house construction lowers your monthly payments!
When buying or construction your house, have ing a good foundation and construction will lead to less damages but also risks. What also takes into account is the quality and maintenance of the physical structure of your house like installing good quality electrical fixtures.
You will also be rewarded in the long run for a lower loss history!

Smart Economy Kas!
A new bundle policy New India Assurance offers is the Smart Economy Kas. It includes all the covers in Fire & Extended Peril including flood, but what’s also included free of charge is personal accident, personal liability, loss of rent up to 5%, breakage of glass and mirror, removal of debris, automatic cover on reinstatement value basis and rainwater damage. If needed, household contents can also be included in the cover!

You can save up to ANG 400;-/ year!

For more information about the covers that New India Assurance offers, please call us on T: 461 2611 or 843 2611!