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Don’t let social media betray you while on vacation

Everyone loves going vacation but let’s face it, what is even better is telling people about it!

Even though this might be the highlight of the year you might consider not making it public on social media. Thieves have started to use social media as a news source where they can see where you live, what possession you have and when you are on vacation!

Consider taking a “vacation” from your smartphone and social media when on vacation, if not here are 10 things to keep in mind:

  • Announcements- Don't announce your upcoming travel plans on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What you are basically saying is "Hey, I'm going to be on vacation, please come and rob me!", instead lay low and share the plans only with people that needs to know about it.
  • Sharing pictures- Even thou it is very tempting; don’t upload images while on vacation as this will make it very clear to anyone that you're away. Instead, make a collage about your trip when you are back!
  • WiFi logins- Be careful when using the WiFi at locations as they might want you to “check-in”. This might reveal your current location which is not at home!
  • Groups- Avoid joining groups where the interest is travelling or such. Thieves specially target people in these groups as they might be more likely to go on vacation!
  • Geotagging- Many smartphones now come with geotagging – so if your location is automatically switched on, the thief can see where you spend the most time (home) and where you are at the moment. Turn this off immediately, doesn’t matter if you are home or away!
  • Privacy settings- If your addiction is too hard to handle and you just have to post something, think seriously about who can read your posts and secure your profile by checking the privacy settings.
  • Friend requests- Never accept a friend request from a stranger as they could be a burglar in disguise!
  • Personal information – Don’t share personal information on social media. Sharing your phone number, home address, hometown or birthday makes it easier for burglars to locate you and also increases your vulnerability to identity theft.
  • Home security app- Instead of using your smartphone as a newsfeed for thieves, use it to keep an eye on your house! There are apps and home security technologies available that let you monitor your home from afar. 
  • Insurance- Even when taking these precautions thieves might just get lucky. Make sure to have a Home Insurance with Burglary included policy or a Household Content insurance (if you are renting) to cover the losses if in case they outsmart you!